Constellation on the European Medicine wheel with horses


08. Sep 2024    
10:00 - 18:00


Marianne Stas (Belgium)
Overijse, Overijse

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Shamanic Constellation work is an old and deep method to recognize higher coherences and to resolve blockages

The 3-Forces-Medicine wheel is a particular kind of an European Medicine- or Lifewheel based on the European 3-Forces-Shamanism.
The wheel is an image of the universal order and the big pattern.

Each of the 39 stones is connected to a special power and represents aspects of the world and of life.

You can look at personal situations but also at global events.
With this work you can clear situations, recognize the cause of blocked energies, restore the balance on all levels, the physical, emotional, mental and soul-level.
You reconnect with your own power and activate the force you need right now in your life to be supported.

On this day, we will work individually on the wheel. It is a dynamic individual and group process, guided by the spiritual world and the ancestors.


Horses are old healers. They are free around the wheel and show exactly what is needed and support the process with their presence on a really magical way.



The workshop will be held in a small group of maximum 12 people.

Price: 150,– per person

Workshop language: english (with translation in German, French and Dutch if needed)

Facilitator: KristaGilda Kerner (Austria)
Shaman and Trainer for Integrative Somatic Breath- and Bodywork

Venue: At Marianne Stas in Overijse (Belgium)

Information and registration:
+43 650 8343838