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Date(s) - 22/09/2022

Gasthof Flackl



Wheel of Life retreat for personal development and self leadership

Life moves in circles and cycles, trying to keep balance.
The key to a healthy and happy life is to be connected to all aspects of yourself, to be balanced, centered and grounded.

The program is built around the 4 levels of self – mind, soul, body and emotions – which are connected to the 4 elements and the qualities of the 4 directions.
All these aspects have a place in the wheel of life. In it we can restore our balance and find back to our natural power and inner resources.
In this intensive 10-day program you will dive into deep self-awareness and special personal training.
Each level and element will get its own space and at the same time you will learn how they are all connected and what it takes to keep the balance.
A deep transformation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level awaits you.
You will have the opportunity to engage with yourself in a safe space, to learn, to discover your abilities and strengths, to express yourself and to be fully YOURSELF.

At the end of this “journey” you will also have insight into different exercises and experiences that you can integrate into your daily life and work.


• calm down and focus your thoughts
• generate wisdom
• awareness
You develop:
• to focus and set goals – mental clarity
and stability
• self knowledge
• to increase your ability to make choices

• deepen your connection to a higher source,
expand consciousness
• get from Ego to Self
You develop:
• consciousness of your connection to your self,
others and the wider whole
• spiritual connection
• to get connected to your mission on this earth
• the ability to live from your soul purpose

• centering
• listen to the wisdom of your own body
• connecting to your inner force
You develop:
• inner peace
• grounding and stress resistance
• body awareness

• connect to your feelings and emotions
• opening the heart
• expand love
You develop:
• emotional stability
• techniques for emotional cleansing
• living fully from your heart

• connect all levels, to integrate them
• understand how the particular phases
and levels affect each other
• center, balance and being present in the now
You develop:
• integration of all 4 qualities
• full embodiment

Integrative Somatic Breathwork, Bioenergetics, Shamanic Breath- and Bodywork, Authentic Movement, Open Floor Movement practice, active meditation, shamanic constellation, medicine wheel, introduction to body typology, the power of the elements…


KristaGilda Kerner – Shaman of the Three Forces Shamanism, Trainer for Integrative Somatic Breathwork, Wim Hof Method Instructor
Griet Verstraete – Trainer for Integrative Somatic Breathwork, Open Floor Embodied Movement Trainer, Therapy-in-
Motion Practitioner

Gasthof Flackl, Hinterleiten 12, 2651 Reichenau an der Rax, Austria

1580,– € Including intake and Manual

Accommodation including full board at Gasthof Flackl. You will get the prices of the room and categories after your registration

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION:  office@wheeloflife.eu
Griet +43 (0)664 218 2084
KristaGilda +43 (0)650 8343838