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Date(s) - 26/05/2024 - 01/06/2024
15:00 - 14:00

1000 Krauthof Schindler



Three days and three nights
All-oneness on the mountain,
with the elements,
the plants and animals,
the nature beings
and with you!


The vision quest is a ritual of our ancestors, during which you have the opportunity to come into harmony with yourself and nature. As a vision seeker you will find answers to many of your questions, face your fears, overcome them and transcend inner boundaries.

This intense encounter with yourself and the return to nature enable extremely positive changes in your everyday life. Decision-making, inner clarity and reconnection to the creative source and to the hearts of people are just some of the treasures that this ancient ritual can give you.

We will move into our base camp and then pray, sing, be silent, laugh, drum in the womb of Mother Earth, the sweat lodge…. to then also honor Father Sky and go to the mountain for three days and three nights, meaning on a vision quest.

The specialty about the vision quest of the Three Forces is that it takes place in a Central European, shamanic tradition and is thus experienced directly in connection with our own roots. The Three Forces Tribe with its fire circle, clear and comprehensible rituals, power songs in German as well as the supportive community in the base camp give you security and trust. During your time on the mountain, daily sweat lodges and otherworldly journeys take place in the camp to support you. Everyone at the camp gives their full energy to pray, sweat, eat, drink and strengthen you on all levels. Through the three days and three nights burning ritual fire, which is carefully and lovingly guarded, there is a strong connection between the base camp and you. This helps you to go through your experiences on the mountain and overcome possible crises.
The most important part of the ceremony is being alone in connection with nature and abstaining from food for three days and three nights. In exchange, we receive information about our life task in the form of dreams and visions. We learn to nourish ourselves in a spiritual way. The flight of birds, the whispering of trees, evening and morning glories, the stars, moonlight and direct contact with Mother Earth and Father Sky begin to fill us. We get back our memory that we are part of a universal harmony

Organizational matters & Information

For the vision quest we have at our disposal a large mixed beech forest on the Peilstein mountain, where work and hunting also rest during the vision quest. Ancient nature, lots of fresh wells, old trees, ancient stones (erratic blocks), small streams as well as the power of the ancient ritual place at the summit will strengthen you. The highly endangered true European stone crayfish still has a refuge here and deer, roe deer, owls, eagle owls and many rare animals abound. You will most likely come into contact with animals you have never encountered so close before during the vision quest. All of this provides the ideal environment for a vision quest and will nourish you for the three days and three nights as you renounce physical food and open your being to the greater whole.

Community life – Camp:
At the bottom of the Peilstein, the second highest mountain in the Waldviertel (1061m) we move into the magical place of the Schindler family. There live with us the Schindler family, their ducks, goats, sheep, chickens, a horse, stone creatures, little people, etc.. We have a tent site, group dormitory, dining room with large kitchen, bathroom, toilet, a well-maintained community tipi with wooden floor as a ritual room and a small swimming pond with sweat lodge site including sweat lodge available. The place was created completely new in the last years with a lot of love and power. It is a beautiful place supported by very loving people.


  • Sunday: 15:00 – 18:00: Arrival, tent setup, etc.; evening: dinner together.
  • Monday: building up the community and the place; evening: opening circle vision quest
  • Tuesday: sunrise: opening sweat lodge and afterwards start of the vision quest on the mountain
  • Wednesday & Thursday: morning & evening: support sweat lodge,
    During the day: supportive other world journeys; community life with talking circles, etc.
  • Friday: morning: final sweat lodge and end of vision quest;
    Daytime: Integration and talking circles; evening: closing circle and ritual, common celebration.
  • Saturday: prepare place; departure


Costs:  Vision Seekers: € 700.- or Supporters (Community-Camp): € 400.- all inclusive

Drei Kräfte Stamm
ZVR: 1769785709

Registration and organizational info::
Krista-Gilda Kerner Feuertanz


for vision seekers and to the ritual:
Klemens Robe Blitzrabe

for supporters in the community-camp
Gabriele Kerbl Weites Herz

To the venue:
Seminarzentrum 1000Kraut
Hinterholz 28
3663 Münichreith-Laimbach