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Date(s) - 02/08/2021 - 06/08/2021
18:00 - 16:00

Gasthof Flackl


“Healing happens in connection.”

For one week, you leave behind your daily life with all its worries, challenges and duties.
This week is a time for you and your connection to yourself, to mother earth, to nature, to the essence of life….

There are various reasons why we lose connection with ourselves. Most of the time we do not consciously recognise this disconnection and remain in that state, even if the situation that triggered this loss of connection has already passed.

The first thing we lose in a crisis and under stress is the ground under our feet, the connection to the earth and to ourselves. We lose ourselves in the chaos of insecurity and fear, go over to functioning and stop living.

Especially when times are challenging, as we are currently experiencing, it is essential to be well connected and well grounded to yourself.
The connection to nature, to other people and also to the essence of life can be resources to get through daily life well and even come out of the crisis stronger.
Because if you can stay connected, no matter what is happening in your life, you can go through these situations much better and more relaxed.

This week will not only help you to reconnect, you will also learn ways that you can use in your daily life to maintain and strengthen this connection.

Somatic Breathwork & Embodied Movement, Shamanic Breath- and Bodywork, Open Floor, Therapy-in-Motion, silence, meditation, shamanic ceremony, European Medicine Wheel, nature, shamanic constellation work, creative process,…….

Time: we start on Monday at 10:00am  and  finish Friday at 4:00pm

KristaGilda Kerner – Shaman, integrative breathwork trainer, shamanic breath- and bodywork, constellation on the medicine- wheel, co creator of the Wheel of Life – school
Griet Verstraete – Transformational Breath trainer, Open Floor Embodied Movement teacher and Therapy-in-Motion facilitator, co creator of the Wheel of Life – school

Costs for the seminar: € 590,– excl. board and lodging

The price list for accommodation including full board will be sent to you in a separate file.

Information and registration:
Krista-Gilda: +43 (0)650 8343838, kristagilda@neweda.at
Griet: +43 (0)664 2182084  or  +32 (0)499 866367, griet.verstraete@gmail.com