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Date(s) - 03/09/2023 - 08/09/2023
10:00 - 16:00

Gasthof Flackl


Working with bodytypes is a beautyful way of looking at how somebody survived and supressed their originality and how this manifests in the body and releases again.

Every bodytype has his typical character, behavior and physical manifestation. Although there is a differentiation between the bodytypes, nobody is exactly just one bodytype. Most people have all bodytypes  inclined but have 1, 2 or 3 stronger developed.


A bodytype is a raction to stuck basic needs. This works through the body, the energy, the way you stand in life, and relationship.
The masks cover the pain. This survival strategiy limits the movement space, but at the same time it´s pointing at the part oft he soul whats not hurt.
each bodytype includes also the potential, talent and strengh what creates the specific personality and uniquness of a person.

In this self experience workshop, we use the structure of the 5 bodytypes of Wilhelm Reich.

We dive deeper in the bodytypes, the body armery who goes with it and the healing movement.

We examine the background oft he basic life topics people are stuck in and the ways to release them.

We discover the main types of each participant and the potential and strengh whithin them. And we learn how to use the strengh of all types in specific situations.



KristaGilda – shaman and integrativ breathwork trainer
Griet – Transformational Breath Trainer, Open Floor teacher, Therapy in Motion Practitioner

price: € 690,–
price for accommodation: Flackl has different cathegories, you will get the prices at your registration

contact for registration and information:
KristaGilda: kristagilda@neweda.at, +43 650 8343838
Griet: griet.verstraete@gmail.com, +43 664 2182018